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What is a proxy? definition and meaning proxy: Written authorization from an absent member (or a shareholder, called the 'principal') that confers a limited power of attorney on another person, member, or management of the firm (called 'agent' or 'proxy') to vote on behalf of, and in accordance with the directions of, the principal. Urban Dictionary: abuse by proxy One form of control by proxy is to engineer situations in which abuse is inflicted upon another person. Such carefully crafted scenarios of embarrassment and humiliation provoke social sanctions (condemnation, opprobrium, or even physical punishment) against the victim. Society, or a social group become the instruments of the abuser.

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by proxy | meaning of by proxy in Longman Dictionary of by proxy meaning, definition, what is by proxy: if you do something by proxy, you arrang: Learn more. proxy | Origin and meaning of proxy by Online Etymology

Proxy definition is - the agency, function, or office of a deputy who acts as a substitute for another. How to use proxy in a sentence. Proxies and Proxy Servers

Definition of proxy noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Proxy voting - Wikipedia Proxy voting is a form of voting whereby a member of a decision-making body may delegate his or her voting power to a representative, to enable a vote in absence. The representative may be another member of the same body, or external. A person so designated is called a "proxy" and the person designating him or her is called a "principal". Role of Proxy in a Meeting - Your Article Library A representative is not merely a proxy (Sec. 187). A representative is counted for counting quorum and can speak at the meeting unlike a proxy. The word ‘proxy’ has double meaning. It means the person who is sent as substitute as well as the form or the instrument to be filled in by a member for appointing a proxy. What is proxy server? - Definition from WhatIs.com