Nov 02, 2019

You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. How to Connect XBOX 360 Console to Windows 10 computer Dec 15, 2014 How To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC (Wired/Wirelessly) Step 5: As the light on the Xbox 360 controller turns green and stabilizes, it is ready to establish the connection. You can test the controller by playing games on Windows PC and escape from buying a new PC controller. Wrap-Up. Hey, you must have got the answer on how to connect Xbox 360 controller to PC. How to Connect Xbox 360 to Windows PC

The Microsoft Kinect represents its attempt to steal the Wii's thunder, and it work pretty dang well. Watch this video for a guide to plugging the Kinect into your XBox 360 and setting up your gaming area so that you'll be able to play it.

How to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to Your PC The Xbox 360 controller is in a class of its own regarding convenience and user experience. The wired variant offers more or less a ‘plug and play’ experience on updated windows versions while the wireless can allow up to a maximum of eight connected controllers.

How to Hook Up a Xbox 360 to a PC Monitor: If you want to hook up your Xbox 360 to your computer monitor because your TV is small or the picture quality is terrible, I will show you how. Is it an expensive job you may ask, Nope, Only $10 in parts from my local Radioshack. Please leave a co

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