Jul 06, 2020

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@iMat1n If you believe that your account was blocked accidentally, you need to write its phone number and other details to recover@telegram.org. My two numbers got banned within 24hrs for no reason. I have written to the email but wondering how long it takes to have it resolved or have a response at least.

Jun 29, 2020 · Hiding the phone number on your Telegram account makes it even more secure. It is best for people who like to use social media platforms anonymously, without getting much notice. There can be a number of other reasons too for hiding the number on Telegram, but whatever be the case, these steps are surely going to work for you.

Telegram is More Private Compared to Other Messengers. While WhatsApp has the only one identity for the subscriber – the phone number, Telegram provides more anonymity and allows you to use either your phone number or a username. Those who don’t have your number in the contacts can contact you by your unique username.

Telegram Customer Care Number | Telegram Contact Number Jul 06, 2020 How to hide the phone number in the Telegram and why is it